Nick Saban speaks for coaches but not for player

Nick Saban recently spoke with ESPN's Chris Low about the issues that influenced his decision to retire from coaching in general, as well as Alabama specifically.  

Saban's statements have received a lot of attention, as they should. When the GOAT talks, everyone should pay attention. His perspective is informed and significant.   

There's a lot more substance and nuance to what was stated than the basic headlines or bullet points - "NIL chased Saban out" or "players aren't the same."  

So let's get into some thoughts about it, but first, here are some relevant quotes.  

The one getting the most headlines is his team's reaction after an overtime loss to Michigan in the national semifinals.  

"I want to be clear that wasn't the reason, but some of those events certainly contributed," Saban stated about his retirement decision  

"I was very disappointed in how the players acted after the game." You must win with class. You must lose with class.  

We had opportunities to win the game, but we didn't take them, and then showing your ass, getting frustrated  

tossing helmets, and doing that is not who we are or what we've pushed in our program."  

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