Muffins with Eggs Loaded Inside

Healthy Loaded Egg Muffins are prepared with eggs, bacon, spinach, cheese, and veggies in a muffin tin and you can use any omelet ingredient of your choice you have in the fridge. 

Why This Recipe Works: Healthy: At 165 calories and only three grams of carbohydrates, two omelet muffins provide 14 grams of protein. 

Meal prep: These egg cups freeze and reheat well, making them ideal for advance preparation. They're convenient for a quick breakfast or snack from the fridge or freezer. 

Loaded Egg Muffin Ingredients Eggs: Nine huge ones. Season with salt & pepper

Vegetables: Thawed, drained frozen spinach, tomatoes, onion, bell pepper Bacon: Chop three cooked bacon slices. Cheese: Two ounces shredded cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, etc.

Making Egg Muffins These simple egg muffins come together fast after preparing all ingredients. Whisk the eggs, add salt and pepper, then mix in the rest.

Egg Bake in Muffin Tin: A muffin tray should be well sprayed before baking at 350°F. Place the tin on a baking sheet and pour egg mixture. 

How Long to Bake Egg Muffins: Bake until set @ 350°F for 20–25 minutes. Normal deflation occurs when you remove them from the oven! 

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