NASA imagery shows strange sky holes near Florida. 

Early this year, NASA's Terra satellite was flying over the Gulf of Mexico when one of its instruments captured a strange cloud. 

It seemed like someone punched a hole in the clouds. 

This unique event isn't new. NASA said researchers have studied it since the 1940s. Not until 15 years ago did scientists find an explanation.  

Cavum clouds are also termed hole-punch clouds or fallstreak holes

 . Their size allows them to be seen from space and Earth. 

 No surprise many have confused them for flying saucers or other strange phenomena. Not your typical cloud. 

 They're not typical clouds. Cavum clouds wouldn't exist without human technology. 

 Two 2010 and 2011 studies found that airplanes pass over banks of mid-level altocumulus clouds, which are supercooled droplets. 

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