Nashville 'Reshaped me', says mother of two boys Carrie Underwood.

Nashville mother Carrie Underwood is enjoying her life. 

As her youngest son, Jacob, celebrated his fifth birthday by playing hockey on a frozen pond close to the family's home, she recently posted a number of pictures and videos to Instagram. 

"A unique five-year-old's wonderful birthday! Our pond was perfectly frozen over for a nighttime skate! How delightful! Jake, happy birthday! She stated in the caption, "I know you wouldn't have wanted it any other way." 

Along with her husband Mike Fisher, Underwood is the mother of Isaiah, who will turn 9 next month. 

In anticipation of her return to Las Vegas for her residency at the Resorts World Theater in March, the family enjoyed the snowy weather. 

They bought the Tennessee land in 2011 and have been residing there ever since the house's renovations were finished in 2018.  

The family lovingly refers to the land as EH-OK Farm, and it has a barn on which they keep horses and cattle. 

Underwood and Fisher were constructing their "forever home," as she revealed to Country Living in 2016, although she usually keeps her personal life quiet.  

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