Naturally, Dolly Parton Wakes Up at 3 A.M.

Are you curious about what goes on in Dolly Parton's kitchen? The performer said to us, "Beethoven and biscuits." 

Yes, the famous person is a passionate chef who frequently enjoys listening to classical music while preparing meals.  

Along with country music, or whatever her mood is on any given day. 

Dolly says on a Zoom chat to Country Living, "Sometimes I just like it to be quiet because my head is always full of music and people talking to me and talking at me." 

So, that's a good time for me to be silent sometimes. However, I listen to ancient classical music, yacht rock, or country music when I'm in the mood for some tunes.  

"Hey, there's nothing better than preparing a hearty southern meal while enjoying some classical music," she remarks. 

Of course, dessert is a must-have for every large southern supper! Fortunately, Duncan Hines has given Dolly an entire new baking collection. 

Since 2022, Dolly has been baking with the brand, and she recently unveiled the newest mix menu. 

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