New research shows that COVID-19 can cause "significant drops in IQ scores"

 Scientists have published new research showing that COVID-19 can negatively affect brain health.

  The virus can cause brain fog, headaches, seizures, strokes, sleep disorders, nerve paralysis,,,

 mental health issues, significant drops in IQ scores, and more.

 This comes at the same time as the CDC is following through with their plan to remove the 5-day isolation guidance for people with active COVID-19.

 An excellent, easily understandable summary of recent findings was published in The Conversation by Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly,,,

  a leading expert on COVID-19 and long-term COVID researcher, who is also the Chief of Research and Development at the VA St.

 Louis Health Care System and a clinical epidemiologist at Washington University in St.

  Louis. He reviews the key points of the current body of knowledge regarding COVID-19 and the brain.

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