NFL favors Patrick Mahomes' 40-yard sprint over Fiske, Sweat 

The NFL once more utilized Patrick Mahomes' 40-yard sprint as an overlay, against his wishes. 

The NFL Network displayed the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs' mark of 4.8 seconds on Thursday, superimposing it over the 40-yard sprint attempts of Braden Fiske of Florida State and T'Vondre Sweat of Texas.  

Both defensive tackles had remarkable speed, even though they don't have to dash away from opponents like Mahomes does.  

Fiske crossed the 40-yard line in 4.78 seconds, which was quite similar to Mahomes' pace. Sweat ran a 5.27 40-yard sprint, which was a little slower.  

To be fair, Sweat is towing a little bit more weight. Sweat weighed 366 pounds on Thursday.

With a weight of 369 pounds, Sweat is the second heaviest defensive player to attend the combine in the previous 25 years, only T.J. Barnes of Georgia Tech weighs more.  

This previous season, Sweat persevered in pursuing his opponents despite his small stature.  

Sweat was named a unanimous All-American and even took home the Outland Trophy in the 2023 season. 

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