Not present Suspect in the body-moving incident: 13-year-old girl from Florida 

 After hours of believing Madeline Soto was dead, the Orange County Sheriff's Office located her body in a forested location Friday afternoon.  

Sheriff John Mina indicated during a news conference earlier in the day that her mother's boyfriend may have moved her body. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Office reported that Osceola County Sheriff's Office  

search crews recovered Madeline's body in a forested area off Hickory Tree Road approximately 4:30 p.m  

The relatives of Madeline has been notified. No new information is available. Kissimmee PD leads this homicide investigation  

 The sheriff's office reported that work continues.  

 The sheriff's office said Madeline was last seen Monday morning when her mother's boyfriend, Stephan Sterns, 37  

 dropped her off a few blocks from Hunter's Creek Middle School in Orlando.   

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