Nutritional yeast is a favorite among vegans. Does that mean it’s good for you?

 There is a wealth of advice available in the realm of health and wellness regarding "healthy" alternatives to the meals that you enjoy eating.  

 Nutritional yeast is frequently praised on the internet as a condiment that does not include dairy but has the flavor of cheese.  

 As a result, it is popular among vegans who are looking to satisfy their craving for cheese.   

 Miranda Galati, a certified dietitian, tells USA TODAY that nutritional yeast is an essential component of a vegan diet since it is abundant in B12,,,

 a nutrient that is difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities without the consumption of animal products.   

 As people strive to fulfill their New Year's resolutions, there has been a significant increase in the number of Google searches for nutritional,,,

 But the definition of what constitutes a "good for you" food varies from person to person; according to Galati, there is no "one size fits all" approach to healthier eating.   

 “The healthiest food in any category will depend on you, your budget, your culture, your health goals and so much more,” she explains.   

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