Olivia Dunne, LSU gymnast and influencer, made $500K+ from one post. 

Olivia Dunne, social media celebrity and Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, 

has alluded to the astounding sums of money that businesses are ready to offer her in exchange for a sponsored post.

Dunne is a part of the Louisiana State University gymnastics team and is about to enter her senior year there. 

Her posts are viewed millions of times thanks to her 7.6 million TikTok acolytes and more than 4 million Instagram followers. 

With an estimated net worth of $3.3 million and growing, this has made her the most valuable female social media influencer. 

She was questioned this week on the Full Send podcast regarding her earnings and the highest sum ever for a single article. 

"Normally, I never discuss money, but..." Six figures, I would say," she remarked. 

When asked to specify whether she received more than or less than $500,000, Dunne said she had received more than $500,000. 

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