Olivia Dunne retires from LSU after two months.

Olivia Dunne, a great gymnast for the LSU Tigers, made a startling admission that touched her supporters' hearts.  

She looked at ease as she quietly revealed the news, taking advantage of a recent TikTok craze. 

"All that work and what did it get me?" is a line from a version of the song "Rose's Turn" that TikTok users have been adopting. 

."Why did I do that?" It appears that Livvy is using this trend to bid adieu to her time competing in gymnastics at LSU.  

In the video that she uploaded to her TikTok account, the social media celebrity also commented,  

"When the sport I have played for the last 18 years comes to an end in less than 2 months." 

In contrast to the song's lyrics, Olivia's gymnastics career over the past few years has made her one of the most paid NIL athletes,   

which has helped her grow her brand, seize amazing opportunities, and earn a lot of money. 

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