Olivia Dunne reveals her dark side to social media and it drives fans crazy

One would think of Olivia Dunne as the stereotypical "good girl."

The blonde swimsuit model and LSU gymnast exemplifies the stereotypical "girl next door" stereotype:

 she's devoted to her boyfriend and dog, and she competes with all her heart at the collegiate level.

Even while her positive side has millions of admirers, her most recent video showcasing her negative alter ego caused even more of a stir.

To the accompaniment of a ballet orchestra, Olivia Dunne created a little TikTok video in which she posed as the "white swan,"

 waving her hair and batting her eyelashes in the same endearing manner that she does in many of her films for her almost 8 million followers.

The video's ending changes everything with the arrival of her teammate KJ Johnson, who is referred to as the "black swan.

Her alluring appearance is heightened by her smokey eye makeup, dark braided hair, and black LSU leotard.

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