Olivia Dunne's BTS Gymnastics Training Video Showing Beam Skills Is Amazing

Olivia Dunne, 21, is putting in her final training hours before she competes for her first meet of the year.

Olivia Dunne and the LSU Tigers are heading into the NCAA gymnastics competition season tomorrow.

The nation's highest-paid female collegiate athlete, the senior, stunned us with a stunning, powerful, and composed beam routine on Instagram.

Wearing a traditional black high-neck leotard, she performed a mid-air splits and handstand by using only her palms on the beam. 

She descended her legs slowly and deliberately, making a broad V-shape and lowering them squarely onto the beam. 

She released one hand, flexed it forward, straddled the beam, grinned, and landed softly before taking a picture and jumping off.

How did she pull it off seeming so natural? We're amazed and will never fully comprehend.

The native of New Jersey, who is in a relationship with MLB outfielder Paul Skenes, threw back her long, blonde hair into a ponytail after leaving it loose and naturally wavy.

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