On a game show, Netflix star Charles Esten won his wife's 'lucky ring' 

More than thirty years ago, country music artist Charles Esten took a chance on a kind gift for his spouse.  

After moving to Los Angeles three months after graduating from college in 1988, the 58-year-old "Outer Banks" actor revealed on X, a platform that was formerly known as Twitter, that he was "already out of money."  

"I found an ad looking for contestants for SALE OF THE CENTURY after I'd been in L.A. for three months and. " 

I was already broke, Charles wrote, including a video of himself from the game show more than thirty years ago.  

"Long story short, I got on and five days later I walked away with prizes and $34,000 in cash, including the engagement ring my wife wears on her finger today," he continued.  

Without this lucky speed round, none of that would have occurred."  

The band that Esten received was "actually more of an anniversary ring than an engagement ring."  

But when I gave it to Patty and told her we could exchange it if she wanted, she said 'absolutely not,'" according to a statement he gave to Fox News Digital. This ring is auspicious! The one I'll wear is this one."  

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