On Super Tuesday, Taylor Swift invites her 282 million Instagram followers to cast their ballots.  

In addition to other Super Tuesday voting areas, Taylor Swift urged her followers in her adopted home state of Tennessee to exercise their right to vote today.  

With 282 million Instagram followers, the world's most recognized pop diva may not seem to be making much of an impact with her straightforward call to vote.  

Swift wrote on Instagram, "I wanted to remind you guys to vote the people who most represent YOU into power."  

"If you haven't already, make a plan to vote today."  

The largest day of the 2024 presidential primary calendar will see voters in 16 states as well as American Samoa undertake nomination contests.  

Swift has remained popular across a wide range of demographic lines and has typically avoided political conflicts  

which is no small feat in today's nasty blood sport of red vs. blue.  

Her enthusiasm for voter registration has increased numbers in the past, and she has previously been loud about it.  

Her first significant political actions were in Tennessee in 2018 when she supported Rep. Jim Cooper,

a Democrat who was reelected to the U.S. House, and Democrat Phil Bredesen, who lost that campaign for the U.S. Senate to Republican Marsha Blackburn.  

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