One-Card Tarot Reading For Each Zodiac Sign On February 25

Aries, you want what you want and when you want it. This can cause you to become overly excited and lose sight of the nuances.


You prefer predictability, order, and safety. This tarot card illustrates your natural tendency to believe in routines that have worked for you and others.


Joy comes your way. You did not expect this, Gemini, yet by chance and a stroke of good fortune, the one thing you most want may become yours.


Let the mending begin. It's been a long journey here, Cancer. This tarot card represents how your journey helped you realize things about yourself that you would not have known otherwise.


You do not appreciate being in limbo. You were created to get started and make things happen. You get the impression that the world is moving forward, and you are simply standing by, watching everyone live their best lives.


You'd be shocked at how much divine wisdom you already possess. You might explore the entire world for solutions just to discover that you already have them within yourself.


You cannot choose who you will love; the heart decides. You can attempt to notice all of a person's positive qualities and fall in love with them, but it's so simple to lose interest.


Everyone has a darker side to themselves. You can strive hard to overcome this shadow aspect of yourself, but when you are exhausted, lonely, angry, or upset, it may rear its ugly head again.


The ends are tragic, but also breathtakingly beautiful. You lament a past you thought was designed for you, but now you're waltzing into an uncertain future. This is your most creative time of the day, Sagittarius


Talents are qualities that you can be born with, but you must also develop them. There is always space for improvement, even if you are the best at anything.


You are making your way up in the world. You've hit the correct stride. You'll soon be recognized for your hard work and dedication.


Problems might be unexpected and perplexing. You don't expect them, and when you do, the plan you devised may still require modifying.


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