One Outlander veteran will not return for Season 8. 

 There are many speculations regarding whether Outlander's original actors will return for the finale. One won't return, we know. 

 We hope original characters return in many shows' final seasons. A chance to say farewell.  

Fans naturally wonder if Outlander Season 8 will bring back specific characters. We now know one of them.  

One OG actor we want back is Tobias Menzies. Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall were his first characters.  

 Although the two characters are deceased in the series, that doesn't imply they have to stay that way

 Past episodes have featured ghostly figures and flashbacks. Time travel is feasible in this play.  

Outlander Season 8 will not feature Tobias Menzies.  

Unfortunately, TVLine asked Menzies if he will return for the final season. His return is unlikely  


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