Optical illusion: Is the horse moving or approaching? Can you divulge in less than six seconds? 

The image in question is a classic example of a visual puzzle that can leave observers scratching their heads. 

The key to deciphering this illusion lies in understanding the cues provided by the horse's anatomy and the surrounding environment. Let's break it down: 

Firstly, focus on the direction of the horse's gaze. In the image, the horse's head is turned to the side, with its eyes looking back towards its hindquarters.  

Secondly, consider the stance of the horse's legs. Notice how the hind legs are positioned closer together than the front legs. 

Additionally, examine the positioning of the horse's tail. In the image, the tail is lifted and slightly curved, a posture commonly associated with a horse in motion.  

Now, let's consider the context provided by the surrounding environment. The background of the image features an open field with no obstacles or barriers in sight.  

Finally, take into account the absence of any visible reins or harnesses connecting the horse to a rider or carriage. 

In conclusion, based on the visual cues present in the image, it can be inferred that the horse is indeed moving away from the viewer.  

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