Orange Banana Smoothie

This orange banana smoothie is protein-packed and delightfully creamy, making it ideal for a post-workout snack or a quick breakfast. 

I recently made an orange banana smoothie as a post-workout recovery drink. It's light and refreshing, with the right balance of carbohydrates and protein to help your body recuperate. 

The orange banana flavor reminds me of an Orange Julius (do you remember those at the mall?). It's also a simple smoothie to make, with only four ingredients. 

Frozen bananas give this smoothie the nicest, creamy texture. Tip: Peel the banana before freezing it to avoid having to scrape off the peel while frozen! 

I recommend using a navel orange, but any type of orange will do. Just make sure your orange is completely peeled. 

I enjoy adding protein powder to smoothies for an added protein boost, especially after working out. 

I use Nuzest vanilla protein in this smoothie! Use the coupon "eatingbirdfood" to get 15% off. 

Milk - I use almond milk for this recipe, but any milk will suffice. 

Ice is optional, however it can be added to the smoothie to thicken it or give it a slushy feel. 

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