Outlander's executive producer previews a "more exciting" second half of Season 7 and the show's "satisfying" conclusion.

The first half of Outlander season seven concluded with episode eight ('Turning Points,' which saw Jamie, Claire, and Ian leave   

the American Revolutionary War and return to Scotland, while Roger and Bree found Rob Cameron had stolen their son, Jemmy, in the twentieth century.  

There will be eight more episodes of the time-traveling drama series, which have already been filmed but will not premiere until 2024,   

as well as a final eighth season that will conclude the storylines of the Fraser and Mackenzie families.  

Still reeling from the mid-season finale cliffhangers, Digital Spy sat down for an exclusive interview with executive producer Maril  

Davis about that ending, what to expect from the second half of the season, and the long-awaited return of fan favorite Graham McTavish.  

It's always difficult since everyone has different favorite moments, and sometimes your favorite moments aren't always ones that advance the plot.   

While this is good in a book, we need to keep the dramatic tension continuing and things moving on screen - and sometimes what works in the book doesn't work in the program.  

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