Overview of Popular Dog Breeds and Their Characteristics 

French Bulldog: Affectionate, low-exercise breed prone to breathing issues. 

Labrador Retriever: Playful, loyal, high-energy dog needing ample exercise and mental stimulation. 

Golden Retriever: Affectionate, active breed requiring over two hours of exercise daily and regular grooming. 

German Shepherd: Intelligent, protective, high-energy breed needing mental stimulation and varied activities. 

Poodle: Smart, social, high-maintenance coat breed prone to certain health issues like GDV and eye problems. 

Bulldog: Low-energy, flat-faced breed requiring limited exercise and prone to heat stroke. 

Rottweiler: Protective, loyal breed needing physical activities and training to manage territorial instincts. 

Beagle: Curious, energetic breed with a love for sniffing and exploring, prone to ear infections. 

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