Pet-seeking retiree adopts 18-year-old cat: 'Loves Her' 

A resilient and happy cat found her forever home at 18 with a retiree looking for a friend. 

After her owner died, Franny went to a shelter. Franny was taken in with other older cats from her prior home  

but despite their shared circumstances, they didn't bond. 

 The shelter posted a TikTok video under rspcacanterbury in February telling her experience. 

 The viral video caption reads: "Many of you may have viewed our 18-year-old Franny's earlier video and wondered if there was an update!  

Franny will receive all the affection at her forever home next week  

 Overjoyed, we think she will be too! Happy retirement, Franny!" It continued  

Good news for Franny - we love when the oldies get a chance."  


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