Possibly the most well-known NFL fan ever is Taylor Swift. The most famous celebrity backers of each squad

Just a few months after starting to frequently attend football games, superstar singer Taylor Swift is already living the ultimate fan experience.  

She is most likely going to the Super Bowl to support her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and his Kansas City Chiefs. 

Before Taylor and Travis started dating, many Swifties had no interest in football. However, since then, viewership has increased, Kelce's jersey sales have skyrocketed,  

and social media posts featuring the two have gone viral. The NFL has never seen a more well-known fan than her. 

She is by no means the first A-list star to draw notice at an event. At Detroit Lions playoff games, the camera frequently panned to rapper Eminem; 

at Chiefs games, actor Paul Rudd was spotted on the field; and at New England Patriots games, 

musician Jon Bon Jovi was frequently spotted in the suite with team owner Robert Kraft. 

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