Quantum Leap in Superconductivity: Harvard’s High-Pressure Breakthrough

 Superconductivity's Quantum Leap: Harvard's High-Pressure Discovery By,,, 

developing a device that directly scans superconducting materials in harsh environments,,,

\Harvard scientists have made a substantial contribution to the study of high-pressure physics,,,

 and enabled the discovery of new superconducting hydride applications.  

 Like many of us, hydrogen behaves strangely under pressure.  

,,, According to theory, this light, plentiful, typically gaseous element first turns into a metal and, even more bizarrely

 a superconductor—a substance that conducts electricity without any resistance—when crushed by a weight greater than a million times that of our atmosphere.  

 Superconducting hydrogen-rich molecules, or hydrides, have piqued the interest of scientists who hope to use them for everything from particle detectors to levitating trains.  

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