Rescue leaves dozens of pets at Rowland Heights kennel 

 Woofy Acres animal rescue abandoned 32 dogs,  

 mostly from Orange County Animal Care, at a Rowland Heights kennel. 

 Woofy Acres of Porter Ranch stopped paying for some dogs' board and care in October after two years. The dogs were intended to stay at the kennel temporarily.  

“We’re just heartbroken that someone was able to give up on so many dogs,  

 said Shanderin Kennels vet tech Samantha Redline.  

Redline said that Woofy Acres President Dianne Bedford has not been reached for months. The rescue owes the kennel $40,000  

 and bills keep rising. Dogs consume 40 pounds of food day, plus boarding.  

 “We were in panic mode because we didn’t know what to do,” Redline added. 


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