Rest Easy, Tom Holland Fans: Romeo and Juliet Revival Open in West End 

Tickets for the next West End production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, which stars Tom Holland as a big-screen superhero,  

went on sale on February 13. The show will open at the Duke of York's Theatre on May 11.

For those Tom Holland fans who are currently without anything, there is good news: 

it's not totally accurate that the entire run sold out in a matter of hours, despite reports to the contrary.

There are 5,000 tickets available for £25; these have not yet been put on sale.

The discounted tickets are a part of a campaign the revival is doing to give special access to government welfare recipients,  

crucial workers, and theatergoers under 30.All of the auditorium's seats, including the front row,

are covered in tickets. Although the exact date of these tickets' release has not yet been disclosed, Playbill will update its readers.

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