Rita Moreno says there was a time she 'didn’t like being a Hispanic'

 Rita Moreno, who pioneered Latino Hollywood, admitted Monday that she did not always embrace her Hispanic identity. 

"For many years, I didn't like being a Hispanic person," Puerto Rican Moreno told "TODAY" anchor Hoda Kotb while promoting her new film  

The Prank." "It took a long time to get over feeling unworthy, ugly, and Latina."  

 Moreno has spoken about her struggles to overcome fears after being typecast by big film and television companies and discriminated against  

 Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It, her 2021 documentary, highlights these hurdles.  

At 5, Moreno felt worthless because people made her feel othered, as Kotb mentioned throughout the conversation. 

 Moreno said youngsters are “tender” and easily influenced. If someone says it, you accept it.  

 The 92-year-old said such feelings required time to process.  


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