Welcome to "wild, wild thoughts" by Sabrina Carpenter. Fans are sure to leave this pretty turbulent realm blushing or holding their proverbial pearls. 

These comments have come to be associated with her 2022 hit song "Nonsense," in which Carpenter talks about how awkward she is around her crush.  

She performed a cheeky outro that would eventually turn into a rare gem of her tour, despite being nervous for the most part of the song. 

Carpenter sings, "This song is catchier than chickenpox is / I bet your house is where my other sock is /" in the song's last verse.  

I woke up this morning with the intention of writing a pop hit song, "Pop quiz: How quickly can you take your clothes off?" She's now flirting on an even more sensual level. 

Carpenter altered the song's conclusion for the city she was playing in that evening while on her most recent Emails I Can't Send tour.  

From innocent one-liners like "I don't Singapore, I sing amazing" to racy songs about wanting someone to "rearrange her organs," every new addition has been a little too silly. What a crazy legend. 

Although some listeners (like BBC Radio 1) haven't been impressed by Carpenter's comedy, that hasn't stopped her from being creative.  

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