Saltburn Charts 23-Year-Old Song Again After Streaming Success

A dance track that is 23 years old has debuted on the charts thanks to Saltburn. 

The film, which is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime, centers on a reclusive Oxford student named Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan). 

Who spends the summer of 2007 staying at the opulent mansion of his gorgeous classmate Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi).  

After killing most of the family and taking control of Saltburn, the film closes with Oliver dancing through the hallways in her undies to the hit song "Murder on the Dancefloor" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor from 2001. 

"Murder on the Dancefloor" has become a viral smash in a number of TikTok videos and challenges thanks to the Saltburn soundtrack, and it has also prompted the song to appear on other major charts. 

It debuted for the first time ever on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs list the week of January 6 at No. 7. 

A higher position than it ever held when it was first released in the United States, where it peaked at No. 9 on the Maxi-Singles chart.  

Additionally, it is ranked No. 15 on the iTunes songs chart overall, ranking higher than well-known songs like Dua Lipa's "Houdini," which is ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic chart. 

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