Small dietary changes can cut your carbon footprint by 25%

 The most recent version of Canada's Food Guide represents a paradigm shift in dietary recommendations,,,  

 emphasizing the value of plant-based proteins while eliminating traditional food groups like dairy and meat.  

 The complete effects of substituting plant-based foods for animal protein in Canadian diets are unknown, though.  

 There is strong evidence from recently conducted study at McGill University and the London School of Hygiene ,,,

 Tropical Medicine that eating a diet largely composed of plant protein instead of animal protein can extend life and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   

 Crucially, it also implies that the advantages vary according to the kind of animal protein substituted.  

 The study, which was published in Nature Food, examined Canadians' food records using information from a national nutrition survey.  

 The study examined the effects of partially replacing (25% and 50%) red and processed meat or dairy with plant-based protein meals such as legumes.

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