Son Hayes' Acting Debut in ‘Horizon’ Makes Kevin Costner ‘Really Proud’ 

Kevin Costner is ecstatic that his son Hayes is pursuing an acting career.  

On Sunday, March 3, Costner, 69, shared a touching post on Instagram regarding the 15-year-old's acting debut in Horizon: An American Saga.  

"You get to choose who you hang out with in the movie." With a preview video attached, Costner said, "Very proud of my son, Hayes, for making his acting debut in #HorizonAmericanSaga."  

And we'd want to thank everyone for showing our trailer so much love this week. I am incredibly thrilled to share this with you.  

In the video, Hayes' character and his family are the focus of a flurry of gunfire as he leads them through a doorway hidden beneath a house's floorboards.  

As Hayes squats down in the middle of the commotion, Costner writes over the video, "The best part of the Horizon: Part 1 trailer."

"My son" shows on the screen as Hayes closes the door after saying, "I'm going to be with dad."

Costner's first endeavor since departing Yellowstone is Horizon, which also marks his return to directing since Open Range in 2003.  

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