Sophie Skelton on Outlander Fame's Pros and Cons

Nothing went according to plan on Sophie Skelton's last Outlander audition day. The actress recalled, "You know how people say bad things come in threes?" 

In addition to the ringing in her ears from the cold she contracted on the flight from the UK to Los Angeles, her Uber was involved in an accident, and it was raining profusely. 

"People were always saying, 'It never rains in L.A.,'" But it looks like I'm into that now. It always rains when I visit Los Angeles. She says, "I always bring that with me." 

Although the actress Caitriona Balfe was already acting in the show as Claire Randall Fraser, a WWII-era medic who had transported back in time to 18th-century Scotland, Skelton doesn't remember much about the meeting other than the fact that it was a chemistry test.  

The audition seemed natural for Skelton, who was vying for the part of her daughter Brianna—“which is funny because things never feel natural in audition rooms,” she remarks. 

"The best performances often happen when you're just in the moment, when you can't remember what you did on a take. I don't really recall much from that day other than the fact that I had a bit of a rough travel to Los Angeles." 

However, she persisted in convincing herself that "something good always has to come out of something bad." And she had the role by the time Skelton came back to the UK a few days later. 

Skelton was particularly happy with the news because he had applied to the program years earlier but had not received a response. 

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