Star Net Worth: Taylor Swift's economic wave grows 

With her record-breaking Eras concert tour, self-made billionaire singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is continuing to make waves in the music industry. 

She recently wowed over 620,000 people across seven gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.  

According to data from National Australia Bank, the nation's second-biggest lender by assets, the 34-year-old's Eras tour is estimated. 

To have contributed approximately A$300 million ($195.2 million) to the Australian economy as "Swifties."  

From all over the country and abroad splashed out on merchandise, accommodations, flights, restaurants, and other expenses.  

This phenomenon is known as "Swiftonomics."  

The fervor for swiftonomics was so great that an official from Melbourne asserted that it would yield an economic value of over $1.2 billion for Australia's second-largest city alone.  

Executive Julie Rynski of National Australia Bank stated, "From hotel rooms to crowded restaurants, merchandise stands to packed pubs, her four Sydney gigs created a buzz in the city not seen since before the pandemic."  

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