Star of "Yellowstone," Lainey Wilson, talks about a "mind-boggling" professional moment 

At the 2024 People’s Choice Red Carpet, Wilson expressed gratitude for using her platform to advocate for her beliefs. 

Wilson shared her astonishment at the opportunities her career in country music has afforded her. 

Recently, Wilson addressed Congress regarding her experience as a victim of AI, emphasizing the importance of speaking out about deeply held beliefs. 

During her testimony, Wilson underscored the personal violation of having her identity and voice misused by AI, including promoting products she would never endorse. 

Wilson stressed the need for protection not only for celebrities but also for individuals vulnerable to AI manipulation, such as victims of deepfake porn and financial scams. 

Following her Grammy win for best country album, Wilson performed at the People’s Choice Awards, offering a mix of her classic hits and new single "Country’s Cool Again." 

Excited about her performance, Wilson highlighted the unique blend of old and new songs she planned to present with her band. 

Wilson expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity to perform and connect with her fans through her music at the People’s Choice Awards. 

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