Starz Renewed 'BMF' for a Fourth Season Prior to the Premiere of Season 3

Starz has renewed "BMF" for a fourth season, according to Variety.  

 The criminal drama's Season 3 premiere is just around the corner,  

 The third season will launch on Starz at midnight on March 1 before airing on the network at 8 p.m. ET/PT (U.S.) and 9 p.m. ET (Canada) on March 2.   

 According to Starz, the show continues to be one of their most popular shows, with an average  

 "Fans can't get enough of the history in the making that is 'BMF,'" stated Kathryn Busby, head of programming for Starz.   

We're incredibly excited to begin production on a new season that will carry  

on the fearless storytelling of the Flenory brothers' legend that has truly touched our viewers.  

Season 4 production begins in Atlanta this spring.  

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