Study: NASA Space Strike Might Have Reshaped an Asteroid

 According to a recent analysis, the targeted object's shape was probably altered by an American spacecraft striking an asteroid. 

 In 2022, NASA's DART probe collided with the asteroid Dimorphos. The impact of the asteroid was around 11 million kilometers away from Earth. 

 The experiment evaluated a technique for altering some asteroids' orbits in order to keep them from colliding with Earth in the future. 

 According to NASA, the crash was successful because the impact's force altered the asteroid's orbit around the larger asteroid Didymos.  

 According to NASA's assessments, the hit also shortened Dimorphos' orbital period by 33 minutes.  

 A significant impact like that would often leave the intended object with a sizable crater.  

 However, a recent analysis offers proof that the impact did more than just create a hole; it most likely altered the asteroid's overall shape.  

 The study was conducted by astronomers at the University of Bern in Switzerland. A paper presenting the results was just published in the journal Nature Astronomy. 

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