Sustainable Chemistry Achieved: Scientists Develop Organic Framework Material That Mimics Photosynthesi

 Researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have constructed links and developed,,,

,,, a microporous covalent organic framework with dense donor-acceptor lattices to facilitate  

 the clean and efficient production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) using water and air in photosynthesis.  

 The anthraquinone process, which uses hydrogen and oxygen, is a traditional industrial method of producing H2O2, however it is quite energy-intensive.  

 This method uses costly noble-metal catalysts and hazardous solvents, and it produces a significant amount of waste due to side reactions .

 A recently developed hexavalent covalent organic framework (COF) material that emulates photosynthesis is depicted in the figure.  

 (Left) An electron in a substance is transferred by light from a donor site to an acceptor site (shown by red arrows  

 Through this mechanism, the donor site receives four positive charges, which are then utilized to break water molecules into oxygen (shown by green arrows).  

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