Swedish Candy Could Be the Key to Happine

According to the World Happiness Report, Sweden is one of the happiest countries in the world, and I believe this is due in large part to their tradition of lördagsgodis, which translates to "Saturday candy."  

Every weekend, children and adults alike spend part of their Saturdays snug at home, munching on a selection of their favorite candies.  

This tradition is founded on the principles of moderation and joy. Reserving sugar consumption for one day every week allows you to avoid indulging 

in your sweet desire on a regular basis while simultaneously generating excitement and anticipation for Saturday, making the goodies all the more memorable. 

When Swedes celebrate lördagsgodis, they do not eat big bars of chocolate or king-size bags of Skittles. Instead, kids enjoy a variety of miniature chocolates, candies, 

caramels, licorice, and tasty foamy marshmallows. The candy is frequently acquired from local grocery stores,  

which have walls lined with candy bins and offer loose candy by weight, known as "pick and mix," where buyers can select any of the candies. 

Continue reading to learn about our favorite sites to buy and get Scandinavian candy, as well as what you should pack in your bag. 

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