"Swift Effect" Arrives in Singapore: Prior to Taylor Swift's Concert, Hotels and Flights Are Fully Reserved

The superstar's six sold-out Eras Tour events will draw over 300,000 fans from Singapore and neighboring nations.  

Singapore is profiting from Taylor Swift's only stay in Southeast Asia, while its neighbors are worried about the "Swift effect" coming.  

From March 2-9, almost 300,000 fans from the city-state and neighboring countries will attend the US superstar's six sold-out Eras Tour shows at the National Stadium.   

Ingrid Delgado, a Manila graduate going to Singapore for the March 4 event, bought a "new shimmering dress" but had problems locating an affordable accommodation.  

"A lot were booked already, so I had to book a more expensive hotel," remarked.   

Fullerton Hotels and Resorts and Fairmont Hotel informed AFP that concert-related hotel demand had increased.  

Marina Bay Sands' Shake It Off and Stay Stay Stay luxury packages have attracted big spenders.  

The hotel's SG$50,000 ($37,230) "Wildest Dreams" package includes VIP seats, luxury meals, a suite, limousine transfers, and tourist attraction cards. Hotel officials told AFP all packages were sold.  

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