Sydney Sweeney Our Week's Highlight: Skiing Past a Magical Rainbow

Sydney Sweeney's daily photo dumps, which give her 16.3 million Instagram followers a glimpse into her entertaining and thrilling life as a movie star, are always a pleasure. 

The actress from Anyone But You displayed her playful side in her most recent post, which started with a cover photo. 

Of her skiing down a mountainside while a gorgeous rainbow could be seen in the distance.  

She had her complete snow gear on, including a puffer jacket, beanie, helmet, goggles, and poles, and she grinned broadly while lifting one leg and one arm. 

The actress was shown rowing a wooden canoe through an ice river in the video that followed. 

While Sweeney and pal Karina Kovsky was seen standing on a frozen lake in snow boots in the second photo.  

More candid photos of the 26-year-old with her pet, watching fireworks, eating cheesy spaghetti, sitting in front of a bonfire, posing with Santa Claus, and grocery shopping were added.  

What a wonderful way to commemorate the beginning of something new and conclude the year. 

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