Taylor Swift amazes two Australian superfans with heartfelt gesture

While on her grueling Eras Tour, Taylor Swift may be the busiest musician in the world.

But as evidenced by one interaction with two Australian "Swifties," the singer still finds time to thank her fans.  

The 34-year-old "Cruel Summer" star has been traveling the world with her global tour, stopping in Australia after departing from Japan in February. 

However, she understands the value of keeping her followers satisfied after showing two of her most devoted supporters a touching gesture.  

Swift herself sent handwritten letters and invitations to the event to two well-known YouTubers, Emily Hunt and Bonny Rebecca, who host the well-liked 'Chats and Reacts' channel based on her songs.  

The cards were delivered by Swift's father, Scott, and were a precious gift.  

The 'Swifties' mogul posted on Instagram, revealing the contents of Taylor's private message:  

"Hey Emily! I sincerely appreciate how much you and Bonny have appreciated my music and all the times you have called it "iconic" or "immaculate."  

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