Taylor Swift fan, 51, banned from stadium after sneaking into Eras Tour event. 

After revealing on TikTok how he was able to enter Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show without permission, 

a fan of hers has since been fined and prohibited from entering Sydney Olympic Park.

The man uploaded a video to TikTok under the username garnetmae and wrote, "How to sneak into a Taylor Swift concert." 

The 51-year-old man recorded a bogus Access All Areas pass that he printed out. 

Then, with ease, he made his way down to the stadium floor while seated in the stand. 

In the video, he stated, "To enter the place like you own it, you first need to make an Access All Areas pass, and then you need balls of steel." 

The video first shows a number of concert clips before cutting to him being taken out by police with the caption, "Oops.."He said, "I was fined and banned for six months." 

To be honest, that was the most fascinating portion of the evening. 

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