Taylor Swift has many stage malfunctions during Eras Tour in Tokyo.

Taylor Swift made her much-awaited comeback to the Eras Tour stage in Tokyo for her first performance of 2024, proving once more why she is a cherished worldwide superstar and 14-time Grammy winner.

After a two-month break, Taylor showed her undying dedication to her craft—though not without a small hiccup—during her powerful performance of “Vigilante S—t.”

Taylor made a mistake during the performance when she misjudged where to place a chair that she danced on, creating a moment that went viral very fast.

The singer's quick moment of surprise when she realized the chair was not where she expected it to be was captured on camera and is making the rounds on X.

Swift, meanwhile, didn't let that stop her—true to her reputation as the epitome of professionalism. 

To the admiration of the 55,000 spectators, she remained composed, briefly hovering in a squat position before gracefully steadying herself and finishing the performance without missing a beat.   

Supporters and spectators quickly praised Taylor's physical prowess and dexterity, crediting her speedy recuperation to her rigorous three-hour training regimen.

With remarks like "she's been doing her squats bc I would've fallen right on my ass," and others admiring her seamless ability to keep her posture, social media users commended her strength and balance.

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