Taylor Swift is linked to American poet Emily Dickinson, according to ancestry.  

Ancestry revealed today that Taylor Swift is a distant relative of Emily Dickinson, being sixth cousins three times removed. 

Both Swift and Dickinson trace their lineage back to a 17th-century English immigrant who settled in Windsor, Connecticut. 

Swift's ancestors remained in Connecticut for six generations before eventually settling in northwestern Pennsylvania. 

Swift has previously referenced Dickinson when discussing her songwriting, mentioning her influence on her lyrics. 

Fans have speculated that Swift's album "Evermore" was inspired by Dickinson, noting the release date coinciding with the poet's birthday and similarities in language. 

Swift's album "Folklore" also holds ties to Dickinson, with the cover concept aligning with the time period of Dickinson's birth. 

This revelation adds to Ancestry's history of discovering connections between prominent figures, such as Tom Hanks and Mister Rogers. 

Swift's upcoming album, "The Tortured Poets Department," hints at her continuing exploration of literary themes and influences. 

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