Taylor Swift's father allegedly struck the photographer at Sydney waterfront.  

On a Sydney, Australia, waterfront early on Tuesday, a photographer accused Taylor Swift's father of striking him.  

The photographer then reported the incident to the police.Paparazzo Ben McDonald claimed to the news agency Associated, 

Press that he was struck by Ben Swift following his departure from a yacht with his daughter. Swift was visiting the nation as part of her most recent global tour. 

It was merely a chopsticks punch. Slanging for his jaw in Australia, he told the AP, "It's a little tender,  

but I don't have any bruising and it didn't require medical assistance."He went on to say: "In 23 years, 

I haven’t been assaulted and punched in the chops, particularly by the talent’s dad."McDonald asserted that he wasn't the cause of the reported violent reaction. 

We took our time walking down the jetty. We took our time making our way to the back of the boat.  

We bided our time until she emerged. remained rather polite," he remarked. Swift's team released a statement saying that the singer was approached,

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