Taylor Swift's team unhappy by ‘invasive’ and ‘inappropriate’ NYT op-ed on her report

Following the publication of an opinion piece by the New York Times earlier this week that speculated on Taylor Swift's orientation, the Grammy winner's camp is reportedly furious. 

Under the cover of an "opinion piece," certain journalists seem to have no boundaries when writing about Taylor, according to a source who spoke to CNN Business Saturday. 

This is true regardless of how intrusive, false, or improper the material is. 

They said, "There is currently a Taylor-shaped hole in people's ethics because of her massive success." 

The insider made it clear that Shawn Mendes or any other male musician whose sexuality has been questioned by fans would not have been included in the Times opinion piece, which suggests that Swift has been hinting at being gay throughout her career. 

The long opinion piece, which was released on Thursday, gathers a long list of what the author claims is "proof" that the vocalist of "Blank Space" is an LGBTQIA+ person. 

Swift, for example, may have "dropped hairpins," a slang word for identifying oneself as gay, by coloring her hair the colors of the bisexual flag for her music video "You Need To Calm Down." This is what Anna Marks argues. 

When viewed collectively, the author adds, "A single dropped hairpin may be meaningless or accidental, but taken in isolation, they're the unfurling of a ballerina bun after a long performance." 

"Those dropped hairpins first showed up in Ms. Swift's work long before it was clear that LGBT identity could be sold to the general public in America. They imply to LGBT individuals that she is one of us. 

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