Tears as Beagle Saved From Animal-Testing Lab Has Panic Attack at Groomers

 A dog owner described the stressful events that led to her elderly rescue beagle's panic episode at the groomers.

Samantha McGraw has always loved animals

 "My family always adopted chickens from rescue sanctuaries and dogs from shelters," she said.

 Ted was an animal test subject for his first five years. One of 40 beagles brought to McGraw's university

To teach vet tech, the college closed unexpectedly, forcing all 40 dogs to be adopted.

"I was blessed to adopt the last beagle they had," stated McGraw  

 Still, his carers told her Ted was the "most traumatized and in the worst condition."  

 Animal testing divides Americans, with 47% in favor and 52% against, according to a Pew Research Center survey  


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