Tender Tendrils: Eight Baby Names Beginning with T 

Theodore (Greek origin): Meaning "gift of God," Theodore carries a sense of divine blessing and gratitude. 

Tessa (Greek origin): Derived from the word for "harvester," Tessa symbolizes abundance and productivity. 

Tristan (Welsh origin): Signifying "sorrowful" or "sad," Tristan has a poetic and melancholic undertone. 

Tabitha (Aramaic origin): Meaning "gazelle," Tabitha represents grace, agility, and beauty. 

Tobias (Hebrew origin): Derived from the word for "God is good," Tobias embodies faith and optimism. 

Thalia (Greek origin): Signifying "to blossom" or "to flourish," Thalia evokes growth, vitality, and beauty. 

Thea (Greek origin): Meaning "goddess," Thea exudes strength, wisdom, and divine femininity. 

Timothy (Greek origin): Derived from the word for "honoring God," Timothy carries a sense of reverence and devotion. 

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