The Atlantic’s April Cover Story: Franklin Foer on How Anti-Semitism Threatens to End a Golden Era for Jewish Americans  

In his article "The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending," staff writer Franklin Foer discusses how the growth of anti-Semitism on both the right and the left threatens to end a period of exceptional safety and wealth for Jewish Americans that lasted the second half of the twentieth century.   

Foer contends that, with the early decades of the twenty-first century defined by conspiracy, reckless exaggeration, and political violence, the liberal order that Jewish Americans helped construct, founded on ideals of tolerance, justice, meritocracy, and cosmopolitanism, is being obliterated.  

The growth of anti-Semitism on the political right has been widely chronicled, with Donald Trump winning the support of white supremacists and brazenly copying their rhetoric.  

Foer reports from the Bay Area on the growth of anti-Semitism among the American left following Hamas' attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.  

He adds that the anti-Zionism practiced by certain members of the current left "doesn't stop with efforts to terminate the occupation of the West Bank.  

It espouses a blithe desire to abolish the world's sole Jewish-majority nation, values the murderous fight against its existence, and wants to make people of the Jewish diaspora accountable for the faults of a country they don't reside in and a government they didn't  

In doing so, this left-wing party joins the awful history of attempts to eradicate Jews—and, as a result, stirs ancient and not-so-ancient existential dread.  

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