The best times of day to manage hunger and "reduce belly fat" are at breakfast and dinner.

Quick weight loss and targeting belly fat might be tied to meal timing, particularly breakfast and dinner. 

Scientists, like Naheed Ali, emphasize syncing meal schedules with metabolic rhythms for effective weight loss. 

Aligning eating habits with circadian rhythms, such as starting at 6 am and ending by 10 pm, could promote fat burning. 

Consistent meal times not only regulate bodily systems but also prevent obstacles to weight loss. 

According to Ali, eating breakfast around 7 am kickstarts metabolism, while dinner at 7 pm allows for digestion before sleep. 

This approach enhances insulin sensitivity and manages hunger hormones, aiding in belly fat reduction. 

Following a structured daily plan tailored to one's lifestyle can train the body to activate its metabolism efficiently. 

Implementing these meal timings may significantly enhance the body's capacity to burn belly fat. 

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